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Skilled Help In Probate Law

Probate law can affect all of us in many ways, but it remains widely misunderstood. Many people have never even heard of probate until they face issues with it — and probate issues can become extremely complex. At times like these it can be crucial to have the help of an attorney with experience in probate law.

What Is Probate?

Under Texas law, when a person passes away, that person’s property is known as the estate. A probate court must oversee the transfer of the estate to his or her heirs and the payment of any outstanding debts. The overall process of transferring the estate is often known as probate.

Perhaps the most straightforward way of administering an estate is to let the person’s chosen executor follow the instructions left in the person’s will. However, the court must determine if the will is valid, and must supervise the executor, to make sure he or she properly administers the estate.

Problems can arise when there is no valid will, or when interested parties object to the will. There can also be difficult situations when the estate executors, trustees or others who are administering the estate abuse the trust placed in them. Resolving these problems requires skilled legal help.

Resolving Probate Issues

At the Law Office of Gillian Richards, we help people administer estates and resolve probate problems when they arise. We work with estate administration and probate litigation involving issues such as:

  • Preparing inventory of an estate
  • Distribution of property
  • Paying debts
  • Will disputes
  • Contesting a will

In all these matters, we recognize that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. When you come to us for help with probate issues, we work with you to resolve your issues in a way that meets your exact circumstances.

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Resolving probate matters takes time, and there are many deadlines and potential roadblocks along the way. Get started today by speaking to a lawyer with skill and experience in probate law. Call the Law Office of Gillian Richards at 713-489-4772. You can also contact us by email.

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